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Our goal is succinct –

to make the best-performing 911s.

Our goal is succinct – to make the best-performing 911s.






About Mirage Intl


Mirage International, Inc. is a proven leader in the development of performance-oriented Porsche 911s. Since 1988, Porsches have been our business, and they’ve been our passion for even longer.

In our original San Diego location, we focused on parts sales and vehicle exports to clients in Asia. From these roots we grew into a destination for Porsche 911s, servicing daily drivers, building engines and preparing dedicated race cars. These experiences forged lifelong relationships with industry leaders that continue to this day.

For decades we’ve tested the limits of 911s, broken them, and then made them stronger.

Today’s Mirage International

Now based out of Palm Springs, CA area, we specialize in turning our clients’ visions of 911 performance into reality.

Curiosity and experience guides what we do – build engines, upgrade suspensions and tune chassis. Every component we use has had to prove itself. We know what works – and what works better. This approach benefits racing applications and street cars alike.

Mirage International is small enough to take genuine pride in each and every job, yet has the resources to tackle even the toughest projects. We’re as honored to have designed and built the engines for Singer Vehicle Design as we are to assemble the one that goes into a daily driver.

We strive to make your Porsche as fast, reliable and predictable as it can be. Your performance is a direct reflection on our performance.


In the News

Jae Lee Drives A 1973 Porsche 911 With A Massive Air-Cooled And Naturally-Aspirated 4.4-Liter Flat-Six That He Built

 by Patrick Stevenson

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The sound is still ringing in my ears and it’s been well over a week. Approaching its 7,500-rpm redline, the 4.4L flat-six in the back of this car demonstrates just how worth it all the hard work was. Being a Porsche enthusiast and 911 owner myself, this is nothing short of a dream engine build. It is 440 horsepower of pure air-cooled magic; no turbochargers, just naturally-aspirated operatic screams.

At Chuckwalla Valley Raceway, after my pulse has settled after the ride we’ve just had, I sit down with the car’s engine designer Jae Lee. He owns Mirage International, a Porsche race and service facility in San Diego, CA. After a bit of catching up, we talked about the five-year development of what is at the moment the world’s largest air-cooled Porsche flat-six.

Jae’s passion for Porsche started with the 1973 911T pictured here, which he purchased in 1990 when it looked quite different. Mirage International was exporting Porsches to Japan at the time, as the country was having a huge economic boom and gobbling up all the clean 911s Jae could find.

As many Porsche owners do, Jae started taking his personal 911 to the track with his friends, and he became obsessed with tuning the suspension on his car. On his humble track day beginnings, he says, “I was driving out at Willow Springs on the big track, and I was just not confident in the car. The balance was not right, so I kept messing with it. I knew it could lap faster, but I wasn’t comfortable with how it felt. Finally I got it dialed and started beating all my friends. Soon after, they were all asking me to set up their cars. So, the business kind of just evolved into a Porsche race shop.”

With personal and professional pursuits aligning, Jae always made time to develop his own car, and soon enough his trusty ’73 911T was modified with RSR wide fenders in the front and rear, the stock torsion bar suspension was removed and springs were added, larger wheels were introduced to fit larger brakes and they wore wide racing slicks. Of course, in this pursuit of speed power is eventually needed after the chassis work, and Jae found a new obsession in the engine room.

Being a racer and race shop owner, Jae has seen his share of blown engines. Racing is the most stress anyone can put on a motor without the intent to brick it. The sustained high revs and corner G-forces will put any engine to the test, and he certainly tested a few. The 911 ended up with a 3.6L engine out of an early ’90s 964 back in 1995, which was then built out to a 3.8L.

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