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Custom-Tailored Performance

Mirage International’s engine building services are centered exclusively on air-cooled and water-cooled GT ‘Mezger’ Porsche engines. We have extensive first-hand experience in developing these engine platforms for sport purpose track day and race use.

Our engines are built in-house to exacting standards. This rigor and attention to detail is applied to every Porsche we work on whether it is lightly modified, completely stock or reimagined by Singer Vehicle Design. We have consulted and worked with Cosworth Engineering and Ed Pink Racing Engines in assembling these amazing engines.

Every engine project has a unique set of needs. We closely tailor the build process of each engine to the needs of the project. A wide variety of OEM, aftermarket and custom internal components, proprietary processes, and bespoke intake and exhaust systems allow us to create any conceivable 911 engine.

Turbocharged or normally aspirated; CIS, MFI or EFI – no matter the goal of your flat-six engine, we can build it to exceed your expectations. Motorsport wiring harnesses and MoTec tuning is available with our engine builds, too. We encourage you to contact us about your project.

The World’s Largest-Displacement Air-Cooled Flat Six

Introducing the capstone of our engine building methodology: a Mirage-exclusive 4.4-liter variant. This is the pinnacle of large-displacement air-cooled flat six engines. Every aspect of this remarkable engine was conceived, assembled and developed by Mirage International.

Extensively track-tested and proven, the 4.4-liter flat six is now available. More details available upon inquiry.




Our goal is succinct – to make the best-performing Porsche.

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